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DRIFT Series 1 - New album, Nov 1, 2019

DRIFT Series 1 Sampler Edition

1. Appleshine (Remastered) - 8:36
2. This Must Be Drum Street (Remastered) - 4:25
3. Listen To Their No - 5:43
4. Border Country (Remastered) - 6:51
5. Mile Bush Pride - 1:34
6. Schiphol Test (Remastered) - 4:42
7. Brilliant Yes That Would Be (Remastered) - 6:03
8. S T A R (Rebel Tech) - 3:45
9. Imagine a Box (Remastered) - 6:02
10. Custard Speedtalk (Remastered) - 9:42

Disc 2 (Japan exclusive)

1. Low Between Zebras
2. Toluca Stars
3. Doris
4. A Moth at the Door
5. Dune
6. Hundred Weight Hammer
7. Do Breakers Trip
8. Molehill

DRIFT Series 1 (Box set)

CD1 - Ep 1 DUST
1. Another Silent Way
2. Dexters Chalk
3. Low Between Zebras
4. Universe Of Can When Back
5. Brilliant Yes That Would Be
6. Another Silent Way / Drift Poem / Better Than Diamonds (previously unreleased)
7. One True Piano Need Hand (previously unreleased)

CD2 – Ep 2 ATOM
1. Appleshine
2. Molehill
3. Threat Of Rain
4. Brussels
5. Soniamode (Aditya Game)
6. Appleshiner (previously unreleased)
7. Roof Off (previously unreleased)

CD3 – Ep 3 HEART
1. Dune
2. Custard Speedtalk
3. This Must Be Drum Street
4. Pinetum
5. Poet Cat
6. Do Breakers Trip (previously unreleased)
7. Seven Music Drone (previously unreleased)

CD4 – Ep 4 SPACE
Listen To Their No
Schiphol Test
Hundred Weight Hammer
Altitude Dub
Border Country
Big Bear (previously unreleased)

CD5 – Ep 5 GAME
Toluca Stars
Mile Bush Pride
Imagine A Box
Tree And Two Chairs
Give Me The Room
Doscientos (previously unreleased)
Two Arrows (previously unreleased)
A Moth At The Door (previously unreleased)

CD6 – Underworld and the Necks
Appleshine Continuum
A Very Silent Way
Altitude Dub Continuum (previously unreleased)

CD7 – Sampler Edition
This Must Be Drum Street
Listen To Their No
Border Country
Mile Bush Pride
Schiphol Test
Brilliant Yes That Would Be
S T A R (Rebel Tech)
Imagine A Box
Custard Speedtalk

Blu-ray - Drift Series 1 - The Films
Drift Trailer
Another Silent Way
Dexter’s Chalk
Low Between Zebras
Universe Of Can When Back
A Very Silent Way
Threat Of Rain
Soniamode (Aditya Game Version)
Appleshine Continuum
Custard Speedtalk
This Must Be Drum Street
Poet Cat
Listen To Their No
Schiphol Test
Hundred Weight Hammer
Altitude Dub
Border Country
Toluca Stars
Mile Bush Pride
Imagine A Box
Tree And Two Chairs
Give Me The Room
Brilliant Yes That Would Be


Original album solicitation below:

Released on October 25th 2019, the new album DRIFT SONGS marks the conclusion of Underworld’s hugely ambitious 52-week DRIFT Series. During that period, music, film and text pieces are created and published every Thursday as part of the band’s on-going, very public recording process; a unique and visionary space Rick and Karl have created for themselves to exist within.

By the end of the DRIFT series, more new music and film will have been released by Underworld in its one-year duration than in the last fifteen years.

DRIFT SONGS expands and enhances a selection of the recordings the duo have released since they began their audio/visual experiment in November 2018. The album will be released as a single CD, double vinyl and crucially an all-encompassing box-set featuring the music, visuals and text pieces released throughout the entire 52-week DRIFT.

You can pre-order on the Underworld Store:

Signed CD
Limited Edition coloured double vinyl
Signed and Numbered Box Set

The single CD album and double vinyl will contain a selection of the DRIFT tracks.

The box set will contain everything in the DRIFT series on 6 CD's and all the films on 1 Blu-ray, as well as an artbook. For those of you who wanted a physical release, this boxset is for you.

Vinyl and Box Set also get a 24-bit digital download of the album on the day of release.

Besides the album, there are new Drift and Underworld shirts, as well as colored shirts that reflect the four World of Underworld playlists on Spotify and corresponding colored prints. Multi-buy bundle discounts are available for buying the CD and vinyl together, or each of the 3 album format options bundled with a DRIFT shirt.


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