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Re: 2017 THREAD Orbital are back! Whatever happens will happen again!
I think Phil has probably had some compositional input, but definitely a lot less than Paul. You can even see it live - Paul's by the synths while Phil is manning the desk. It upset me a bit on Wonky where seven of the tracks were just credited to Paul - suggested that they weren't on such good terms and Paul wasn't willing to split the credits any more. Even if the new music isn't that great, I'm really happy that the two brothers are on good terms again. Orbital are a hugely important band to me, and the way their last breakup was worded suggested things weren't good between the pair of them which made me sad.

Can't speak for most of the other groups, but FSOL was fairly equal, in that they'd general do a back-and-forth between the pair of them on a track: Brian would start, then Gaz would do work, then Brian would go back to it, or vice versa. There are a few Brian solo tracks scattered throughout the discography but it's mostly an even split.

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