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The RiverRun Project - 10 years later

10 years ago today Lovely Broken Thing came out.

It's been about 10 years since I listened to this series so when I learned of the timing I was a bit perplexed so decided to share. I went on a musical journey outside of electronic music and I recently returned back to it thanks to this series. I listened to them a lot when they first came out then buried the tracks under countless folders and harddrive backups. I've recently gone back to school and in the process learned I need cathartic calming music that has such peculiar rhythm and rhyme that it is completely unique.
I remembered the feelings I craved and the RiverRun series came to mind so I found it on a drive I backed up a year ago.

This music is truly unique and beautiful and so poetic, its very inspiring and soothing at the same time. The mere fact the track lengths are the side of a 33 tells you they want you to put it on when you got time to enjoy it.

Pizza for Eggs was my favorite back in the day, which I'm still partial to, but the other 3 have grown on me in such mature ways. It's interesting blasting them in the car now, because they go and go and the tempos and keys are so brilliant. I didn't appreciate the production as much back then because I hadn't worked in the industry yet and I didn't know what good really sounded like. But the production is excellent, Underworld is setting a standard in this arena but they did it so lo-key and today it is the way the industry is heading: highly well made tracks available at the click of a button or press of the screen.

I think what makes this series and indeed Underworld's catalog so enduring is the style and composure and production of the music. I listened to a lot of music in the past 10 years, and still haven't found anything compared to this. In the RiverRun series, Underworld shows they know exactly the image of a song and know that normal song rules don't apply. The track is the image of the sounds and the sounds they pick are so unique. So bizarre I got back into this series almost 10 years to the day before.

I would really like this series on vinyl and maybe someday that will happen. But as of now I'll keep playing them, and letting them take me on a journey.

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