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Old 10-21-2020, 10:46 PM
khondo dweller
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Re: Somnopolis
Originally Posted by Nuxx79 View Post
Your website, and mixes, are superb. Thank you.
Thanks so much! I have been mainly mixing live on Mixlr these days. I keep thinking I'm going to consolidate the best sequences I come up with into a recorded mix for the site, but I never get around to it. But I "spin" a few times a week usually at
Old 10-21-2020, 10:49 PM
khondo dweller
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Re: Somnopolis
Originally Posted by holden View Post
Nice mix! Takes me back to the "golden age"(?!) when Electronica was poised to take over the world! Well, maybe not, but the tracks represent some of my favorite artists and a period when i was just hitting the tip of the iceberg of electro music.
Enjoyed the mix very much - some quality transitions, indeed (except the rough cut and slowdown into "toxygene", but that vocal sample is always abrupt).
Thanks so much for the share!
That's good feedback! Honestly I'm thrilled you listened so closely. I did that rough cut on purpose because the Guy Pratt track ends so abruptly, and because I thought it matched the style of the film, which intercuts a lot of old films and television in the midst of the main narrative, and the samples in Toxygene reminded me of that effect. But I can completely see how a listener might hear it as a dubious transition.
Old 11-24-2020, 07:28 PM
khondo dweller
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Re: Somnopolis
Finally recorded a proper, final version of my fan fiction version of Drift. It's not just my favorite tracks stuffed into a CD-length running order, but a painstaking assemblage of what sounds, to me, like a traditional Underworld album with a beginning, middle, and end.

To that end, most of the songs are segued into each other or otherwise edited in some way, most especially track 3 which is a (I hope) more or less seamless mashup of several tracks, in the tradition of Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love; it just made sense to me this way. I also made this album art using imagery from Simon Taylor's Drift videos and the font he used.

Hope you guys will give this a listen! Streaming and download links at :

01. Universe Of Can When Back
02. Listen To Their No
03. Give Me The Room / Mile Bush Pride / Another Silent Way / Drift Poem
04. S T A R
05. Dune
06. Custard Speedtalk
07. Appleshine (All The Lights)
08. Seven Drone Music
09. Brilliant Yes That Would Be / Low Between Zebras
10. Border Country
11. Toluca Stars
Old 11-26-2020, 03:12 PM
collateral damage
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Re: Somnopolis
This is an awesome mix! No easy task to select from so many tracks in series 1, but you've formed a quality album. Tracks 1-4 are a strong opening run . Your mixed track 3 is wonderful...I'm not huge on Mile Bush Pride, but it sounds great over Give Me The Room. 5 and 6 form a quality downtemp interval. Pretty strong and tight transitions, too (though maybe a little weird clashing of melody between 6 and 7 but nothing bad...melodic transitions can be beautiful, but harder to pull off in my opinion than straight beatmatching). Interesting to close with Toluca Stars, but it makes a lot of sense listening to the lyrics as gratitude and hope.
As I wrote in the dirty review of series 1, there are nearly infinite combinations of the tracks, and my dream album would be different than someone else's, but you've picked a lot of winners and recontextualized some tracks that I wasn't in love with as they stood, but they definitely work here. Thanks for mixing and sharing!
Believe in Billy Records

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Old 11-26-2020, 10:21 PM
khondo dweller
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Re: Somnopolis
Thank you!

Toluca Stars always stood out to me; reminded me of album closers like M.E., Stagger. Best Mamgu Ever, and Luetin... just something kind of at once melancholic and uplifting about it.
Old 12-18-2020, 10:30 AM
khondo dweller
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Re: Somnopolis
Hey Dirts - I know some of you are NIN fans, so maybe you'll enjoy this. What I've done is basically re-edit nearly every song in this new sequence of The Fragile, inspired by some of the more electronica-sounding material that was unearthed on the Deviations 1 project released a few years back. It seemed to suggest an alternate universe where the album was more traditional in sound, and just for fun I made this kind of fan fiction version of what that might sound like.

More info and streaming/download links at:

Tracklist (KH indicates a re-edit by me):

01. Somewhat Damaged (KH)
02. The Day The World Went Away (KH)
03. The Wretched (KH)
04. Taken
05. La Mer (KH)
06. The Great Below (KH)
07. Complications Of The Flesh
08. The Fragile (KH)
09. Just Like You Imagined
10. The Way Out Is Through
11. Slipping Away
12. Was It Worth It? (KH)
13. The Mark Has Been Made (KH)
14. 10 Miles High (KH)
15. The Big Come Down (KH)
16. +Appendage
17. The Great Collapse (KH)
18. Underneath It All (KH)
19. And All That Could Have Been
20. Leaving Hope [With Decay] (KH)
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