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Re: Underworld - Brilliant Yes That Would Be (new song)
Ok I just blasted out the full version and I think it’s very very good
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Re: Underworld - Brilliant Yes That Would Be (new song)
Originally Posted by khouri View Post
I think the screech is what defines the song. It's hard to decouple it from the Iceland video that accompanied it. It paints a sonic picture of that at once serene and desolate place. I think that's its very specific purpose.
Some tracks just can't be 'separated' from the accompanying video. I feel this way with Spikee, and also with BYTWB - really can't listen to these tracks without thinking of the videos. And I don't mind the screech, it fits perfectly with the scenery,
The screeching sound in Threat of Rain at 8:41, on the other hand, is extremely annoying.
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