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Old 07-30-2008, 12:12 PM
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Read this before posting links to Underworld recordings
It has long been an unwritten rule that there be no trading or linking to Underworld recordings, either live or studio recorded on these forums. In the past few years, a lot of Underworld studio stuff has been deleted and some has always been hard to get. This still doesn't mean that this is the place to post it. As for live recordings, the place for that has always been the RTSR forums on the yahoo board, and there is an active group of members gathering various recordings from around the world. Its not that posting links to recordings is going to stop people from buying official Underworld product (because we know you're a fan if you're here), its that file upload sites' links expire and the other aforementioned place is dedicated to this thing and has been for years.

While your enthusiasm is appreciated, and discussion is most welcome. Please try and keep links off the forum. While tracklistings, reviews, artwork and links to tracks from are encouraged, RTSR should be your live resource. Rapidshare links aren't gonna get you banned, but if you really want to help, then tell the people over at RTSR as well, if you've found a recording. Most long time members will know all this already, so if you're reading this far then welcome to the forums.
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