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Old 07-05-2019, 02:39 AM
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
i really need to reflect on this one - SPACE has undoubtedly been the most challenging yet rewarding DRIFT episode thus far. i think each episode leading up to this one has had at least some kind of cohesive theme; DUST in its first half is focused on abrasive, hard-hitting techno; ATOM is an explosion of colour and rich soundscapes, almost like a very well-rounded album; HEART still stands as the most ambient release...but SPACE though? it isn't too surprising for the band to include one of those trip-hop tracks (Boy x3, Ring Road, etc.) like Hundred Weight Hammer be on the same release as career highlights Listen To Their No or Border Country, but come on! something about the juxtaposition this time around has been really sensational. it's really had me wondering, where will DRIFT go on from here?

it's remarkable that these peculiar batch of tracks managed to be compiled together. Listen and BC are, of course, the titan tracks on this release, but the rest of the difficult material just doesn't entirely fit - yet it still sounds great as a whole. pretty much all of the material has warmed up to me from consistent listens (maybe an unpopular opinion- Schiphol Test isn't my favourite of the bunch). Karl and Rick are doing overworldly wonders with this whole project. i still yearn for the Reykjavik promo to be released (sounds like Another Silent Way if it were more fierce... can already tell it's going to be a favourite of mine), but regardless of that, bravo to the boys for gifting us with all of this new material.
Old 07-05-2019, 06:57 AM
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
The YouTube version was intentionally cut by Simon (I asked), but it's a very blunt, 53-second jump cut at the 2:57 mark, so I'm not sure if that can be counted as a proper version because it's not a proper edit.
This is true - was less a "this is an edited version" and more a "slightly different version" in the technical sense, but I agree... hardly counts as a different version.
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
Ep4 is pretty fantastic. In an odd way, it's pushing for best 'intro to underworld' release. They really touch on all their different moods in this one and in particularly good fashion. There's *something* in here for everyone, and if you like most or all of it, well then I got some concert bootlegs to show you...
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
Originally Posted by domsgotsideburns View Post
i really need to reflect on this one - SPACE has undoubtedly been the most challenging yet rewarding DRIFT episode thus far...
I hear you. For me it is the opposite, though. Listening to what I can make out from the lyrics and following the sounds, I would have moved border country behind Schiphol Test and possibly move Doris to the end.
But besides all that, I find it tells a story from meeting over being together, bliss (in Doris) doubt (Altitude Dub) and in the order it stands now, leaving and moving on.

Like a portrait of a relationship. Taking up a lot of space in once life.
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
EP4 is one of the best UW releases ever!
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Re: Drift Episode 4 “SPACE”
I think so too.
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