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Old 06-18-2013, 02:44 PM
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"New Sounds from the Underworld"

Found this article, appears to be from around the 2010 tour, sorry if it's been posted already. I haven't seen a date, but I haven't read more than half the first page yet either.
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Re: "New Sounds from the Underworld"
That's a really nice, detailed breakdown of the production of their live setup.

The article is indeed from near the end of the 2010 tour.

Edit: Found the source. It's the Dec. 2010 issue of Total Production International, a magazine focused on live event production:
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Re: "New Sounds from the Underworld"
Very interesting article - thanks - although the tech bits went over my head. On a personal level however, I was at the Manchester gig mentioned and I can faithfully report that the sound was mighty good.
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