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Old 09-21-2011, 05:56 PM
Sappys Curry
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Blue Lines vs. Mezzanine
When it comes to Massive Attack albums, fans usually find these two albums to be their finest. Heck, many fans think these are two of the best albums ever made (I do).

So, MA fans, which album to you find to be the finest MA record? You can choose which one you think is their best album out of the two, and which one is your personal favorite out of the two (as those two things are not always the same).

If there is another MA album that is your favorite album, please write and tells us. I'm sure no one here will dispute that those two albums are their best works, though.

My personal fav from them is Mezzanine. In my top 3 for electronic albums, well within my top 10 for all albums. Don't get me wrong, Blue Lines is a materpiece too. It is a great album that I really like. As for their best work, I want to say Mezzanine, because it has brilliant production values; it is a real work of art itself. So excellently crafted. It released in 1998, yet sounds like it released last week!

However, for their best work, I'd probably go with Blue Lines. Again, a real materpiece itself, with great production values. It still sounds amazing today, as well. However, it is more timeless than Mezzanine, I suppose. Also, it was such a groundbreaking album. Definitely for the electronic genre, and for all music. It spawned trip hop and influenced more than just trip hop music. Not only is this great album an album that encompasses all these things, this is probably the Massive Attack album you'd recommend first to listeners. For electronic music fans, you can argue having them start with Mezzanine first, but for most people, I'd say Blue Lines is the Massive Attack album to start with.

So, what say you, Massive Attack fans of the Dirty forums?

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