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The Making of Trainspotting (Coattail Publications book)
You might have seen the announcement last year about the comprehensive making-of book for Trainspotting from Coattails, which included contributions from Underworld:

It is a numbered, limited edition of 1000 copies, and they're clearing out the last few dozen copies that they have.

But shipping is EXPENSIVE to the U.S, ?40! But, I noticed that shipping is flat-rate, no matter how many books you purchase. So, I'm looking to see if anyone in the U.S. wants to go in on a Group Buy. Basically, we buy the books all in one order which they ship to me (and we split the shipping evenly), and then once I receive it, I reship the book to you at Media Mail rates (much cheaper, for example, $6.17 for a 5 lb. book).

Coattail also has a clearance special going, 2 books for ?75, so that makes it even cheaper if we all buy together.

To illustrate, if you were in the U.S. buying the Trainspotting book by yourself, you would spend:

Trainspotting book: ?60
Shipping: ?40
Total: ?100

If we get 4 people for the Group Buy (including me), then the costs per book are:

Trainspotting book: ?37.50
Shipping: ?10
Media Mail reshipping: $6.17 (assuming it's 5 lbs)
Total: about ?53

So, yeah, that's a significant amount of savings. So, if you're in the U.S. and interested in getting in on the Group Buy, post here or message me. Once I've confirmed all the people that are interested, I'll calculate the cost with the divvied up shipping, and you'll send me payment. I'll place the order, and once I receive it from the UK, I'll contact you again with the exact Media Mail shipping cost (once I know the shipping weight of the book), and you can send me that, and I'll forward on the book.

If you're interested in any of the other Coattail books (Raging Bull, The Deer Hunter, or Performance), they're all also available at that clearance price. Just let me know, and we can add it to the order, and divvy up the shipping accordingly.

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