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Old 09-24-2022, 12:04 PM
Jon S
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Cowgirl / Rez live versions
I am somewhat obsessed with live versions of Cowgirl / Rez.

For me, the longer the better. Reading Festival '96 and the Oblivion Ball are pretty much perfect, but am I missing anything as good or better?
Old 09-24-2022, 12:14 PM
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
i have never cross-listed or compared the versions of this,
because its not one of my favorites.

but i'm sure someone did.

Old 09-24-2022, 03:47 PM
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
You've definitely identified a couple of my favorites. Oblivion Ball is one of the longest renditions, and that's even without starting with Rez. The crowd reactions are great on that one too.

Moscow 2006 is another great one. There's a video of it here, but unfortunately, the last 4 minutes of the song are cut off:

The Roundhouse 2007-10-18 is interesting in that Rick cuts in Rez in the middle of Cowgirl. He has trouble digging himself out of it though, so I don't think it's a particularly great version, but it's certainly unique.

If you like long versions, there's the crazy 19 minute long version from Torhout Werchter 1996 (Burger Van Man gig).

The 2002-2003 versions are interesting because Rick would take it down during the ending and let Karl improvise some vocals. Karl would do things like the Monkees or the Rolling Stones.
Old 09-24-2022, 06:40 PM
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
This performance in Prague 2002 has an Interesting Cowgirl Rez moment also. The sound quality of this whole set is powerful !!!!
Old 10-02-2022, 08:24 AM
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
Co-signed on the Burger Van Man gig. I listened to part of it a few days ago and it’s still as insane as ever.
Old 10-04-2022, 02:19 PM
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
Bizzarre Festival 2000 is unique as the "intotheblood" vocal loop from Spoonman is interweaved with Cowgirl outro.

This gig also had one of the earliest live performances of Dirty Epic that we know of (also played a month earlier at the MTV Festival in Ibiza).

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Old 10-06-2022, 04:18 AM
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
The 2000 tour in general was filled with curveballs like this. Banstyle with house-y drums into Nuxx at Roskilde was another one.

As for the Roskilde gig, they were running out of time so had to do a barnstorming Cowgirl/Rez skipping the entire "Open with Rez then transition into Cowgirl" bit. Whether it's good or not is down to taste, but it certainly was an unusual take on the classic.
Old 10-07-2022, 02:30 PM
needing Diet Mountain Dew
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Re: Cowgirl / Rez live versions
Bizzarre Festival 2000 is such a great gig. I love that Pearl's Girl > King of Snake transition.
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