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Old 03-24-2021, 04:09 PM
Milking Your Plastic
Milking Your Plastic
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Re: Using Apple idrum samples to recreate the songs
I have read through the thread and I have watched all the youtube videos before.
I know the only way to get the app is if someone shares it.
The video shows the drum patterns that are not in the google drive samples. I'm still not clear on what the program has organised and what the user has to do. Only a skilled person could remake some of these samples ("NUXX HiTom" being a prime example) into the finished drum pattern. So has the app organised this for you into the drum pattern or does the user have to do it themselves.
If no one has the app which would be difficult to believe or is unwilling to share it then all this talk about it is quite pointless.
I can easily work around software compatibility issues.
I'm after the drum patterns already made up which is not what's in the google drive but in the video. It's difficult to believe the average user could recreate that.
Old 03-24-2021, 04:55 PM
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Re: Using Apple idrum samples to recreate the songs
did you contact any of those people.

they could probably help.

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