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Old 01-02-2023, 09:23 AM
collateral damage
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ESCALE: "Prospect Run" continuous mix
ESCALE (forum members undarrenworld and holden) kick off 2023 with a 25+ minute continuous mix to score your new year's resolution exercise sessions:
"Prospect Run".

Comprising 6 tracks, some new, some recent, and others from the expansive "Wait for the Good Light Sessions", these electro tracks seamlessly segue and propel forward through melodic and aggressive electro, but ultimately an uplifting conclusion.

"Autumn Jog" starts the mix with a whimsical harmony over a sturdy beat and analog electro bassline. "A Log (Fun Run)" maintains the cadence but ups the energy with a series of swirling synth lines. Recent tracks "Decade" and "Time Goes By" are more aggressive, while "Arca Crystalis" propels you toward the finish with each repetition of its insistent bass and haunting 4-chord melody. "Elecmirage" provides a shimmering cool-down to close the mix.

ESCALE wishes you a positive New Year, and thanks you for listening
Believe in Billy Records
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