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Drop #4 - Two Months Off Limited Drop

Deployed wisely, light is one of the most powerful tools in a musician’s arsenal. That’s light as in hope; the kind of glowing radiance that finds its way through cracks in curtains and bleaches away darkness in the blink of an eye. The kind of light that changes tones and sounds, that sharpens ideas and moves crowds left to right, up and down, on and on and over and over, night after night.

Underworld have played with light more effectively than anyone else since the early ’90s. It’s like they have access to a series of secret notes or to an undiscovered switch on the mixing desk that intensifies a kinetic energy that spills out onto vinyl. It’s always there, be it in the cascade of notes that rain down towards the end of Jumbo or in Nuxx’s supernova coda or in Scribble’s crystalline YMO meets Metalheadz gene splice.

2002’s Two Months Off not only brought the light, it positioned it front and centre and pointed it directly at you. Emerging from a period of reinvention, it rewired the Underworld machine. An unstoppable rhythmic juggernaut, the track takes the listener by the hand then launches skyward towards celestial luminescence, no matter how many times it’s been heard, or played on repeat. It is impossible to listen to this record and not immediately feel better, your load lifted. Nine minutes of musical sunshine, it should be offered on prescription for those of us who need a little bit of light.

Bring it in, again and again.


This drop starts shipping 21st June 2021.

Underworld “Two Months Off” Limited Edition 2021 12'' black 180gsm heavyweight vinyl.

Side A: Two Months Off (Live at Glastonbury, 2016)
Recorded live at Glastonbury Festival, 2016

Side AA: Two Months Off (r18 DAT July 2001b id 1 R89)
Recorded and Mixed at Lemonworld, 2001

Produced by Rick Smith
Performed by Underworld
Written by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde
Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios
Rick Smith & Karl Hyde are published by Mute Song Ltd. (PRS) for the world excluding the USA, Canada and Mexico and by Big Deal Beats (BMI) administered by Words & Music for USA, Canada and Mexico.
(p) & (c) 2021 Smith Hyde Productions

Orders ship 21st June 2021.

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