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Old 09-02-2010, 11:35 PM
jose m
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Re: 2010-08-27 Rock en Seine, Paris
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
Sorry, what was "un"ordinary about it?? They probably just downloaded their own recording of the iTunes festival and played that whilst pretending to do stuff :P

oh yer
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Re: 2010-08-27 Rock en Seine, Paris
Originally Posted by m.g. View Post
. And I have to say that I always feel very happy to see Rick smiling and singing.
Seems you were at the same show as I did I, too, liked the way Rick was enjoying himself. It seemed to me that he's had more time for "enjoying" the show (as opposed to being the only(!) one responsible to keeping the basic flow running. I was surprised, and very glad for him to see him doing some lyrics (he had before during live shows, but only *very* seldom, as far as I remember).

Originally Posted by m.g. View Post
I loved the new lights (specially the LED ones) and I've never heard before this ending they played on KoS[/SIZE]
same feeling here, too Both about the lights (ok.. I'm a sucker for led matrices) as well as the KoS improv (I assume it was the same) - that was wicked, right?!.

To get back on topic: I for one am abit sceptical about UW's new material.. apart from "Downpipe" (which is a very *very* good track at a live show), I find the other new material to bee "too pop" for my taste. Then again, I'm more into the mellow/dark/quiet side of Underworld.

Originally Posted by King of Snake View Post
still weird to see them do the same setlist gig after gig suddenly. Yes ok they're festival gigs but still in the past even at festivals they would mix it up a bit.
I've been giving this some thought, too. I've realized during the write up of the Zurich show's tracklist, that it is the same as previous shows this year. My conclusion about this are:
- Festival gigs are normally limited in the duration. Giving the amount of new songs that they presented (ALAF, Scribble, Strumpet, Between Stars, Diamon Jigsaw - already half of the show!!) and the regular songs that they *have* to play (NUXX, Rez/Cowgirl), there is not much time left for other, spontaneously chosen songs.
And, to be honest: It's just us dirts that "benefit" from changing setlists, as most of the "regular" people won't track the songs across different gigs...
Also I guess that a fixed setlist makes it way easier to plan for a) the visuals, and b) the duration of the show (which I guess is very important for festival gigs).
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Old 09-03-2010, 04:37 PM
teh n00b
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Re: 2010-08-27 Rock en Seine, Paris
Originally Posted by sanakan View Post
Seems you were at the same show as I did
The truth is that when I've read your post about Zurich festival, I also thought that we were at the same gig. And what you say about festivals is absolutely true... and that's why I normally hate festivals

I also believe that the fixed duration of these shows + short amount of time between the end of Paris show and the beginning of Zurich (with buses and trucks) + the "balance" with old songs/new songs + Karl just coming back from Japan were not helping for long impros and random setlists.

BUT (and knowing all that) seeing Karl's joy and energy, how responsive was the audience to the new songs (audience obviously not being as purist as most of the people in this forum) and Rick's constant smile really "made my day". Having seen them about 20+ times here and there, I was quite surprised about how great the new songs were "live" (even being a bit sceptical at the beginning). I also think (and like) that the new material highlights the fact that, amongst other things, Karl trully is a fantastic singer.

So, besides the festival "conditions", I loved it and I'm just looking forward to seeing them in a 3h++ own show in a proper venue.
enough... is never enough
Old 09-13-2010, 08:02 AM
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Re: 2010-08-27 Rock en Seine, Paris
Some videos taken at Rock en Seine :
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Re: 2010-08-27 Rock en Seine, Paris
Updated on the Gigography:
__________________ | Underworld Gigography
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