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Default Re: Bells & Circles Ft. Iggy Pop

Originally Posted by iamneorev View Post
I'm from America, New York to be specific, and I love the song and the lyrics do not bother me at all... because I actually understood the point the song was conveying.

I am someone who was honestly baffled by the negative response to the lyrics. I think the lyrics flew over people's heads. Someone is always there ready to create controversy over something. I think the negative response people are having with this song is exactly what the song is trying to poke fun of and create a discussion about. I don't Iggy is genuinely pining for the days of smoking on an airplane and hitting on stewardesses. The lyrics are more like form of provocation for those who will take what he says way too literally and go and be angry about it. They behave as a way for us to look at ourselves, when we may take things too seriously and jump the gun and let our anger get the best of us. Even in today's world, if you did try to do something beautiful, it will more than likely piss someone off no matter what you do. There is someone out there ready to tell you "You can't do that."

Write a song about smoking on airplanes and hitting on stewardesses. (You can't do that)

Let the sun shine on your wings (You can't do that)

Soon, you won't be able to do anything when you take the "You can't do that" mentality too far. A sort of cautionary tale that deserves this discussion.
I appreciate this angle quite a bit and I can identify with it. I was (and still am) a little put off by iggy's lyrics, but I regularly get (You can't do that)'s in my life as a skater. I think part of my distaste is that I put a considerable amount of effort into ensuring the beautiful things I do, the things that spread sunlight on my wings, don't negatively impact others even if they are entirely just for me. Meanwhile, the images and instances they chose to illuminate and use are ones that can often negatively impact those around you. Perhaps that was part of the 'provocateur' choice?

PS: I smoke, heavily. Thank goodness I live in a legal state.
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