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Drift Series 1 interviews

"I'm not sure if the A Hundred Days Off album will be relaunched now for its 20-year anniversary. We work with a record company that takes care of our archive and the materials released so far, we always discuss with them what we could relaunch, especially on quality vinyl."

Not sure how much is lost in translation there. 20th anniversary would be 2022.


"Sometimes the songs last longer than ten minutes, and more than once we peek in the direction of jazz. I know that explanation sounds hip again today, but that is purely coincidence (laughs) . Remember that Rick and I are two old men. We have always been intrigued by what is happening in the jazz world. "

Mojo Magazine 312 - November 2019

Smith explains how he has made game-playing and puzzle-solving the heart of Drift, building songs collaboratively from single sounds, concepts or ideas. “Games and play open up so much,” says Smith. “They allow us to connect, express ourselves. We’ve been together nearly 40 years now, and this was a new pattern of working. Prior to that, when people asked us why we’d been together so long, it was really difficult to say. Because it’s not been a straightforward journey."

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