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Old 08-20-2015, 12:59 PM
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Born Dirty 2015 - Help Needed
As part of ongoing development, I need to enlist some help from like minded UW fans who want to help develop a solid resource of information for the band that we currently lack.

There are no particular skills needed here, except an eye for detail and a passion for the band.

The project is already in development, and there are some specific tasks I am looking to complete:

  • A concise bio of Underworld.
  • A bio for Rick, Karl, Darren Emerson, Pricey, UW mk1, Freur etc..
  • Photos to support the bio timeline.

  • Inputting of data for the Sonography.
  • Creating 60 - 90 second samples of every version of every song.

  • Scans of cover art for Discography.
  • Inputting of data for Discography.

If you think you can help with any of this or anything else please PM me or please send me an email to
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Old 09-05-2015, 03:24 PM
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: UK
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Re: Born Dirty 2015 - Help Needed
Thanks to everyone who has come forward to help on this. I am about start work on the Discog which will be the fun part, I am still in need of anyone who can contribute some time to update the Sonography.
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