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Old 01-25-2019, 08:26 PM
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FAN EDIT: Small Conker And A Twix / You Do Scribble

(crossposted from r/underworld) hi. possibly like many of you i was ecstatic to see the DRIFT download of Small Conker And A Twix, not just because of the band finally providing free high quality downloads for these thrilling weekly releases, but because of the fact they have given us one of their most stellar ambient moments in full that was tucked away for over a decade. it's hard to believe how this kind of material took so long to get released. i'm sure many diehard fans are aware of the Live In Tokyo 2005 moment with Small Conker And A Twix mixed together with the prolific You Do Scribble, the band's most creative drum and bass track that holds a similar excellent stature to Small Conker. the two mixed together is an etheral moment but the final product of YDS is very divisive to many fans.....the High Contrast collaboration of Scribble, for me, will never beat the exhilarating and energetic YDS. there's a clear winner in its experimentation and execution. a studio cut of YDS was eventually released as part of the Barking super deluxe box set in its outtakes disc, although excluding Karl's vox which were present in the live versions (and are derived from the vocoded parts in Best Mamgu Ever from Oblivion With Bells!) my spare time i decided to take the studio versions of these two tracks and put them together. it wasn't particularly hard to do, just a bit of cutting and pasting and moving things around in audacity to achieve the closest sound with the Live In Tokyo gig. it's obviously not going to have the same punch as it did live (or even as it sounds on the live CD release), but i still believe fans of new and old will enjoy this prolific live jam in what studio form has been amalgamated here. in an alternate universe, this could well have been a track on one of the band's studio albums, encompassing the same bombastic power of compositions Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love or Banstyle/Sappy's Curry, except it's stronger, much stronger. in the World of Underworld, this is undoubtedly high up in their best creations.

silly fanboy essay over. the download is available below. the Small Conker portion is taken from its DRIFT release, which was provided as a free download. YDS is taken from the Barking super deluxe release, but the track has been readily available on youtube for years. i even gave the track a neat album cover with the boys on there. encoded as a flac file and clocking in at just 12 minutes, i hope you'll take your time to hear this and enjoy it. this underrated composition deserves to be heard. thank you.


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Old 01-28-2019, 12:03 PM
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Re: FAN EDIT: Small Conker And A Twix / You Do Scribble
thank you for this. super tasty!
Old 01-28-2019, 03:10 PM
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Re: FAN EDIT: Small Conker And A Twix / You Do Scribble
Lovely edit, sounds 100% authentic.

And as you say, it really showcases just how superior this version is to the "Scribble" experiment.
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