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Re: early b-side errors
I wonder if these "artifacts" might simply result from sound generation techniques the guys were using around the time.

On stiti, banstyle and blueski have some definite lo-fi sourced sounds that have then been digitally tweaked for inclusion in the tracks.
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collateral damage
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Re: early b-side errors
At times like this, i recall that back in 2000 or so, i was excited to purchase a $20 USD Zip disc, which allowed me to place up to 100 MB of photos on removable storage!!!

Then i regress back to childhood, where a floppy meant you could run a single, simple program.

The average laptop is a heck of a lot more powerful than the first Lunar Lander!

Moon Pies - what a time to be alive!

If this sounds glib, it's not. I eagerly await what the UW boys will do to surprise me in the future. If you're disappointed in 2014, chances are that in 2024 you will call it ahead of it's time!
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