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Barking Information and Ordering

Release Dates
Japan - September 2 (no Limited Edition for JP)
UK/Europe - September 13
USA - September 14

There are 3 versions of Barking. The Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition will be widely available at all retail stores. The Limited Edition Box Set is very limited in quantity and will not be available everywhere.

See further below for exclusive items and tracks that are only available through specific retailers.

Standard Edition - Amazon UK, Amazon US
Jewel Case and 8-page booklet (also available in gatefold 2xLP Vinyl: Amazon UK, Amazon US)

01. Bird 1 (Additional production by Dubfire)
02. Always Loved A Film (A/P Mark Knight and D. Ramirez)
03. Scribble (A/P High Contrast)
04. Hamburg Hotel (A/P Appleblim & Al Tourettes)
05. Grace (A/P Dubfire)
06. Between Stars (A/P Mark Knight and D. Ramirez)
07. Diamond Jigsaw (A/P Paul Van Dyke)
08. Moon In Water (A/P High Contrast)
09. Louisiana

Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD) - Amazon UK
3-panel cardboard packaging, 8-page booklet

Standard Edition CD, plus
The Films (DVD)
01. Bird 1 - directed by Dylan Kendle
02. Always Loved A Film - directed by Graham Wood
03. Scribble - directed by Toby Vogel
04. Hamburg Hotel - Directed by Dylan Kendle & Joost Korngold
05. Grace - directed by Jason Kedgley
06. Between Stars - directed by Michael Horsham
07. Diamond Jigsaw - directed by Simon Taylor & Hudson-Powell
08. Moon In Water - directed by Timothy Bricknell
09. Louisiana - directed by Danielle Short & Toby Vogel

Limited Edition (2CD+DVD) - Amazon UK, Amazon US, Om Records Shop
Custom box set with 32-page artwork book

Deluxe Edition discs, plus
Alternative Versions (CD2)
01. Strumpet Groove
02. Always Loved A Film (Lemonworld Mix)
03. You Do Scribble
04. Hamburg Hotel Essex
05. Grace (Telematic Peal Mix)
06. Between Stars (Lemonworld Mix)
07. Diamond Jigsaw (Demo Mix)
08. Moon In Water (Lemonword Mix)
09. Louisiana (Jumping The Cran)

Extra Films on the DVD
01. Always Loved A Film - directed by Michael Horsham
02. Between Stars - directed by Dylan Kendle & Jason Kedgley


Exclusives Exclusives - Shop
If you order the Standard, Deluxe or Vinyl from, you get a free shopper.

If you order the Limited Edition from, you get an exclusive signed and numbered art print. Update: The 650 limited prints are sold out. You now get a free shopper with your order of the Limited Edition.

Update: All exclusives are no longer available. You can still order copies of the album.

Om Records Exclusives - Om Records Shop
If you order the Standard Edition from Om Records, you get it signed by the band (quantities limited) (Update: signed albums sold out!)
Om Records is also selling the Deluxe Edition, and Limited Edition (quantities very limited).

Om has also released a 1000-copy Limited Edition vinyl for the US market.

iTunes Bonus Track
Standard: iTunes UK, iTunes US
Deluxe: iTunes UK, iTunes US
Barking is available in the Standard and Deluxe Editions (films delivered via video file) on iTunes UK, US, and JP. Both editions have an exclusive bonus track:

10. You Do Scribble (Abbey Road Version)

Update: Since the licensing agreement with Cooking Vinyl has expired, Barking has been reissued by Universal Music in 2014. As such, the Deluxe Edition is no longer available on iTunes, nor is the bonus track.

Japan Bonus Track
Japan Standard and Deluxe Editions get an exclusive bonus track, Simple Peal. This is the exact same version of Simple Peal as we've heard on before:

10. Simple Peal

The initial run of Deluxe Editions in stores in Japan also came with an exclusive Barking Broach.

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