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Old 08-23-2023, 08:18 AM
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Second toughest - artwork variations
i've been looking at the cover, since i did the puzzle
and noticed this. some artwork have different images for the cover

the standard:

the uk-us cassette version:

this is just the - uk reissue same as regular

the right half of UK lp

|| | | | ||
ne gative 1

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Re: Second toughest - artwork variations
I thought this was something Underworld did back during Dub, STITI, and BF where different formats had different covers.

For example, Beaucoup Fish,

The vinyl has a square shape on the cover...

The CD has a circle...

And the cassette is a rectangle...

Each a nod to the format.

There was also a special edition digisleeve CD version with a half circle...

If you look at Dubnobasswithmyheadman, there are also differences in the cover art depending on the format.




I prefer the CD cover of STITI and BF

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Re: Second toughest - artwork variations


Deluxe Edition:

Box Set:


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