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Old 03-26-2016, 07:33 AM
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Re: 2016-03-24 London Roundhouse 1
We were right down the front by the barrier, slightly to the right in front of Karl.

It was an excellent gig, and I've seen them quite a few times since 1996. Much better than the last one at the Apollo.

I actually thought the fire alarm added something really special to the night. Some of you who were there may have noticed that they bought all the house lights up before they faded down KoS so it was amazing seeing all the crowd in the bright lights jumping around.. Then there was that moment of adventure and uncertainty having to get chucked out into the rain for 5 mins - then suddenly, a large cheer from hundreds of fans as we were all let back in again and the party was back on.

The only pain was having been down the front since the beginning until the evacuation, and then losing our place and having to push back to the front but we found our way back and managed to get back to where we were within 2-3 mins.

On the return, KoS seemed mostly improvised, a bit haphazard, and it reminded me of days of old when anything could happen and they had to think on their feet and no track sounded the same from night to night. Basically everything that I loved about UW from the beginning (I put some of that in the video below).

Highlights for me were Juanita, Low Burn, random re-run of KoS. Ring Road was also excellent - possibly my favorite track of the night. Seeing Rick waving his arms and singing along to the lyrics was also great. He looked like he was genuinely having fun, which was great to see after he wasn't able to perform at Hammersmith last year.

I took snippets of video and edited them together last night. Got bits of most of the classic tracks but not the new ones, for no particular reason. I thought all the new ones were great - especially Low Burn. The only track which seemed a bit out of place was Eight Ball which is a great tune but just didn't seem to suit the flow. I'd have preferred if they did Pearls Girl, and perhaps Moaner instead of NUXX but I can't complain - it was still excellent.

Video here:

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Old 03-26-2016, 03:24 PM
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Re: 2016-03-24 London Roundhouse 1
Picked up a new Barbara shirt too at the Merch stall.

This was one of the two designs which aren't in the online store yet.

Old 03-28-2016, 01:23 PM
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Re: 2016-03-24 London Roundhouse 1
I did a scribble about going out again, and danced my legs down to the knees.
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