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Old 01-26-2012, 08:56 AM
needing Diet Mountain Dew
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so... these new PiL remasters
Has anyone bought them?

I wouldn't say that I'm the hugest of fans of theirs, know what I mean?

Like, I bought "Second Edition" (aka 'Metal Box' but on a cd), Flowers of Romance, and their more recent live concert "ALiFE"... other than that - It's mostly been mp3 copies of stuff and a random 12" here and there

[edit; and I mean that I have the old releases]

but I haven't liked anything of theirs post 1984, save for "Rise" and some of the newer versions of the late 80's tracks as found on that "ALiFE" disc


but to the point of my message - has anyone bought them, and is there a noticeable improvement in sound? I guess "Second Edition/ Metal Box" isn't included in the new batch as it was already remastered and released last year (or the year before)

I'm just wondering if I should track down that remaster of "Second Edition" and all those other releases from between '78 - '84

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