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Underworld Songs Listing
Been looking through some old UW paper items came across a list of Underworld songs as listed on the Warner Chappell music site. Link was posted here back in 2006, I think... (Tried using the current Warner Chappell site to rediscover but not had much joy...)

The printed out screen grab has the following tracks credited to UW... I can't remember how many of these actually have songs or have been heard...

Is there a full list rather than a discography of all known UW songs compiled anywhere?

Anyway the songs that are credited that appear here are as follows... If anyone knows more about these and if they were ever played or became something else... Let us know...

All of the following are credited to Rick Smith / Karl Hyde on the WC website screen grab I had from 2006

Bullet Lullaby
Bullet Train To Tokyo
Choppo - I know this one appeared somewhere on a show?
Dinner at Rods - this one I remember being played in a session (perhaps after JP died?)
Duty Paid
Flower Prayer Section 2
Gallery Pearl
Girl Poem
Horse Snake Rabbit Ladder
Music Box
Ocean (just credited to Richard David Smith)
Phonology Audio
Sleeping Eye
The Girl
The Melon Man

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