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RELEASED! - Orbital - Timeless Soundtrack Live 1990-2018 - OMT050

Orbital OMT050 Timeless Soundtrack Promo Blurb:

“Ticking to its timeless soundtrack” - lyrics from Belfast/Wasted 1995.

This is “Timeless Soundtrack”, a compilation/mix of Orbital Live from 1990 to 2018.

This is the 50th OMT release and we wanted it to be something special.

So what do we have?

50 live tracks (#50for50), over four discs*, taken from 31 previous OMT releases (using 33 shows/performances) with 3 new unreleased OMT live tracks spanning 28 years...almost five and a half hours of Orbital live…….

Compiled and mixed to form a live soundtrack like no other.

It’s taken over a year for this to be pieced together from an idea that started several years before that.

This release is something unique and this is not your normal live compilation album. We have some great memorable versions of tracks and we have a lot of the classic live transitions from track to track but with a project this size, over so many tracks and so many years, we needed something more to have the soundtrack flow. So we have attempted something new.

We have taken some tracks and mixed several different shows versions together to make one mega (what we are calling) MIX VERSION. We have also created new mixes from one track to another, new MIX TRANSITIONS.

We have also created a couple of different ways to listen to and construct your own soundtrack. There is an alternative run order for the end of DISC ONE if you prefer to have more different tracks than a 25min, three part version of The Box. And we have created an alternate end to DISC FOUR where you can choose your own adventure with Halcyon. You can have a version with the samples (Belinda, Bon Jovi, Opus III) or have a version without the samples. It’s your choice.

This 50th OMT release is a chance to choose your own Orbital adventure. A chance to relive, rediscover and to celebrate 30 years of music. A chance to step into a world where time becomes a loop, and the dancing never ends....


*50 tracks are for the full COMPUTER/STREAMING PLAYLIST and 50 tracks on four CD discs will be possible with overburning on DISC TWO, otherwise it will be 49 tracks on four normal burn CD’s.

OMT050 =


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