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Old 07-29-2005, 03:25 AM
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Spreading the DirtyLove!!
I've had what I consider to be a rather good idea. Similar theme to the mythical DirtyBox but, i hope, a whole lot easier to carry out.

It should be a good way to spread some DirtyLove worldwide, and for us all to get our grubby mitts on some new music(/films/books/whatever).

If everyone who wants to take part sets up/updates a Wishlist on their national branch of Amazon (i.e. for the US, for the UK. in case you hadn't worked it out) and, ideally, adds a bunch of records that they've always wanted to hear, but never got round to buying, or something like that - try to expand your horizons at least a little - we can then each buy something for one other person that we know they'll be pleased to recieve, but that can also be a surprise.

  • i think it'd be better to just give everyone the details of the person that they're to buy for at the same time rather than drag it out by doing it in a chain (a la the infamous DirtyBox)
  • if we keep the contents of our WishLists to CDs then everyone will get a CD for the price of a CD. We could extend this to include books and films, but try to choose those in the right sort of price range
  • buying in a foreign currency shouldn't be a problem, because it's all online and the money'll just come off your credit/debit card. this will also eliminate the risk of goods getting left in the back of tom's car for three years. which is a bonus.

any constructive criticism is welcomed, and if you're interested, let me know, and we'll start sorting it all out. hoorah.
Old 07-29-2005, 10:44 AM
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Re: Spreading the DirtyLove!!
This is really good idea
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