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Re: Coachella
Originally Posted by beh
me too, will be my sixth year. and I wasn't going to go this year, made up my mind and then saw the movie a few days later with one of the guys I always go with. needless to say, by the end of the movie I'd changed my mind and decided to go. and then Daft Punk, Massive ASttack, and Madonna were added to the bill!!

gearing up for the trip out to the desert!
Well, Massive Attack is the only act I'm really excited about seeing... and a handful of other acts. I mean, it seems as though the guys at Goldenvoice opened up the most current issue of Filter Magazine, and picked the most hyped (overhyped) indie acts. This lineup caters perfectly to the myspace crowd (imo). Before, it used to be you'd go to Coachella, check out some new acts, now it's like these folks are selling out venues before they even play the festival. And Madonna is using this venue to kick start her own mega summer tour... I'm sad to see the festival make a drift away from booking small, unknown bands from obsure parts of the world... actually nevermind, it's still like that, only these bands are now the soundtrack to The O.C.
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