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Old 04-27-2008, 04:42 AM
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Name that sample
Right, this is going to sound a bit weird, but . . .

I went for a curry last night with some friends, and over the speakers they were playing a pretty odd range of music. Just as I was tucking in to my Chicken Tikka Bhuna (it was very nice, thanks) on came a track with a very distinctive and recognisable string part - it was the same as the strings on the Future Shock Worlds Apart mix of Jumbo

(this bit)

and now I have to know where it originally came from. It's driving me spare. I can't even really describe the song I heard, cos a)I was busy eating, and b)all I could hear was "OMG! this sounds like underworld"

anyone got any ideas?
Old 04-27-2008, 06:26 AM
It's Written In The Book!
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Re: Name that sample
it sounds like it's derived from the end of jumbo, the whoosh string sound, except it's being stopped and started. it sounds a bit like TMO because i think it's the same instrument.
Old 04-27-2008, 09:14 AM
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Re: Name that sample
nooooo. I didn't mean the "dudum dum dum" bit that's right in the front of the mix, i meant the "dooooooooo doooo dooo do dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" bit that's going on at the back. I think i clipped out two repeats of it in that little section
Old 04-27-2008, 10:18 AM
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Re: Name that sample
Were it just the same strings or was the whole bit sampled?
To me it sounds like a cheap strings synthesizer... Maybe it was just a random coincidence.
Old 04-27-2008, 12:45 PM
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Re: Name that sample
exact same tune. seriously. It was this slightly dodgy, but not entirely unpleasant kinda of background music stuff. Had kinda bongo-y percussion going on.
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