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Re: 2016-03-17 Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
There's a lot of information about voices here:

Juanita Boxhill and Clare Pugh were employees at Tomato. Both left now. Petra is a German art friend.
Very cool, man. Thank you for that. I've always thought that a book needs to be written and/or film needs to be made about the journey from Screen Gemz to UW MK3. I mean, I know I'm getting off-topic here, and I apologize - but it's tough to stop this kind of ball once it starts rolling.

Their story is fascinating though because you've got two people way too smart for the dumbed-down status quo of the music industry. Same goes for their true fans too - I do truly believe that. And they're successful despite the fact that they refuse to play along with this teen-aged, sex-sells, consumerist, money-centric philiosophy.

True tale about a post-gig encounter I had with this most-would-say beautiful girl in L.A. after the Hollywood Bowl show in 2007. I was talking to her and she seemed fine and then she and I both noticed a young man with a facial deformity whose glance we caught for a brief second. And then she remarked to me something to effect of, "Gawd! Hunchback of Notre Dame..." or something awful like that.

And I'm sorry for my frankness here, but I just right then thought about that girl, "F--- off. Your attitude is not wanted here. Judging people the way you obviously do is not welcome here. Don't you get that we're all freaks -- either inside or outside or both? That's why we feel this camaraderie with this band. We don't really fit in anywhere else and we frankly don't want to."

It's like Karl says at the beginning of the I Love Techno gig that I can't remember the year of: "Junkies, criminals, fugitives, junkies criminals, fugitives... you are f*cking lovely!" I never thought his words there should've been taken literally, but rather as metaphors for us... we're not cool and we don't usually fit in, but here... we do.

We're the bleedin' Island of Misfit Toys, and maybe this is just the easily-dismissed, buzzed rant of someone who's always been an outsider. But I'm not convinced of that: I think there are at least a few out there who can identify.

Ok back on point: boys, would you please throw us a curveball or two? How about going from Rez/Cowgirl to the original or Telematic Born Slippy instead of Nuxx? (Or better yet, vice-versa.) Or maybe starting Dark Train with the middle-section (the low-pitched vocal samples) instead of how it starts on record? Or perhaps a bit of Winjer as a prefix to Kittens?

I'm just spitballing here...
into the blood
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Re: 2016-03-17 Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany
Rowla is my favorite UWlive experience, hands down. I got goosebumps clicking that.
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Re: 2016-03-17 Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany
UW just posted 28 min of pro-shot video from Berlin:

If Rah
Push Upstairs
Low Burn

Old 04-21-2016, 12:32 PM
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Re: 2016-03-17 Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany
Nice - thank you for uploading! A bit scared to watch!

Oh jesus, I definitely made it on the reel, mostly during Low Burn starting at about 13:15. Potentially because I was the only one who knew the words and was blissing out? And during NUXX. Still feel so embarrassed by what happened

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Re: 2016-03-17 Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany
Wow, although they simply reproduce the album tracks, there so much energy.
Especially the opening of Push is so intense.
And you definately see R&K having a good time up there.

Now: how do we get the full concert pro-shot ? :-)
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