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Old 05-03-2024, 03:50 AM
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Anyone liking GuSGus
Hey Dirts

During lockdown I got into GusGus - just listening to the eclectic mix that is the Dirty Radio live stream and 'Lifetime' - by GusGus was on.

Wondered if anyone else was a fan, have seen them on their 2 most recent tours in London and they are great live, OK visuals but the music that comes from Biggi Viera is stunning.

If you want a good sampler, they have some live stuff on the Tube - some of their classics are the KEXP sessions:

The Mexico, Melt Festival etc. are worth a listen too. Dig into You Tube

Biggi has 3 20 minute sessions on how he sets up his rig which is also very interesting for the geeks out there - you know who you are !

Old 05-15-2024, 05:28 PM
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Re: Anyone liking GuSGus
Oh yeah! Gusgus are great, I got into them back when 'This Is Normal' came out, but I haven't really kept up with them over the past couple of years. Like, I've totally missed their last two albums - but "Lies are More Flexible" had some good songs, and I really liked "Arabian Horse"

I managed to see them back when I was in college, during the tour for "Attention" - it was a great show... I remember "Dance You Down" and "IIE" both being very cool.
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