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Old 03-17-2012, 09:49 PM
light at heart
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Re: a 'successful' artist
Excellent, these lines made me almost vomit like a travel-sick:

...or - how an "emerging artist" is essentially the same as a "new independent business venture" ...especially with concerns of identifying your target market (audience), managing expenses, generating value and so on...

But fear not, I´m an amateur, art is still a relaxing hobby for me

I´m really looking forward to read your dissertation, especially section 2 and 4.
In a way I hope you will contribute your own thoughts to the study of the deeper meaning of being a successful artist and not only leave that section 2 be in itself with quotes from others. But again, I´m just a naive amateur.

Now I´m thinking of Ernst Billgren and his book - Vad är konst? (What is art?)
100 questions and answers about art, you should read it.
a bit of life a kiss of love in a tiny circle - o

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