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Old 02-02-2009, 06:39 PM
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tomato cd roms
I have had tomato 2, downloaded tomato3 and have the LaForet cdrom. Does anyone have information on what was contained on tomato 1?
Old 02-03-2009, 10:14 AM
needing Diet Mountain Dew
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Re: tomato cd roms
I am not 100% sure what was on the Tomato1 cd-rom

or if it was actually called that...

I vaguely also recall something called "anti rom" - now I could be wrong for the title - and that very well could have just been tomato1

and by the way - there actually is a physical version of Tomato3
it's a small (like 2x2 inches) square cd-rom with contact info on it
so it's like a business card (but even smaller and square)
Old 02-11-2009, 07:57 AM
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Re: tomato cd roms
Where have people managed to get these? I've heard of them all, but have never seen one for sale anywhere... eBay only, or are these regularly available (and I'm just thick)?
Old 02-11-2009, 02:44 PM
mmm skyscraper
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Re: tomato cd roms
I think you could buy them from Tomato once upon a time. Just like you could get 'The Hump' from the boot of the boy's car back in the day. "I've got brilliant timing"
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Old 02-12-2009, 12:25 AM
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Re: tomato cd roms
I believe one or two cd-roms were available from 'Underworld Things' (Jukes Production) back in the mid-90's. That's where you could also get the Kiteless video, BS and STITI shirt and a BS wind jacket.
Old 02-12-2009, 08:58 AM
needing Diet Mountain Dew
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Re: tomato cd roms
If I remember correctly -

I bought my Tomato2 cd-rom and the Lafloret one directly from their website

(this was back when you could also buy the "Urban Action" t-shirts... so around '99 -> early '01)

I got the Tomato3 cd-rom directly from Tomato as a gift. I was trying to buy the various books through amazon, and "Process" was listed as 'sold out' - I emailed them and was like hey - are there any other ways to buy these books, I'm a poor art kid in high school and I live in the midwestern US - then one of the guys actually mailed me the 'Munich' version of Process and the tomato3 cdrom

[it turned out that Process was, in fact, not sold out (they made a mistake) and became available through amazon shortly thereafter]

I promised that I wouldn't tell anyone how I got the book & cd, but as it's been at least 8 years, I figure it's ok now...

oh and btw - Tomato2 is awesome b/c of the exclusive music on it. Unfortunately, it's not in the highest bitrate (just b/c of the time period that the disc was made) buuut - it's got stuff on it that crept out in various live gigs* and some bits on the "Sunshine" soundtrack date from waaay back then as well

* for example, the thunder crash sound & synth intro to "Confusion the Waitress" as performed @ Pink Pop in 1996

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Old 02-12-2009, 04:21 PM
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Re: tomato cd roms
Pretty much every show from 1996 started with various samples that appeared on Tomato2. For example, the beginning of the European Club Gig.

Those sample and sounds also featured prominently in Van Halen Van Halen.
Old 02-15-2009, 07:54 PM
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Re: tomato cd roms
I had ordered both the tomato2 cdrom and LaForet from their website years ago then downloaded tomato3 when it was available. I think I emailed looking for a physical copy of the cool square 3" but to curious pictures and not tomato directly. Should have gone straight to the source like Joe. I think I have a few .jpgs of work that was on tomato 1 somewhere. Thanks for the info.
Old 02-16-2009, 12:49 AM
Only £50 a show,book now.
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Re: tomato cd roms
aNt probably has a drawful of them somewhere.
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Old 05-26-2023, 05:15 AM
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Re: tomato cd roms
i was digging through various burned discs I have, and amongst underworld stuff found a "live from the tomato anti-rom" cd. I have no idea where I got it from.
Listening, it is undeniably underworld. It reminds me a lot of what is going on in your head when you're dancing.
anyone know what the content of the disc is? It seems to be divided into 5 tracks from what I can tell.
I didn't know if it relates to the music referenced above in this thread.
Asking as i love listening to this chilled stuff whilst working.
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