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Old 08-24-2015, 07:06 AM
King of Snake
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2015-08-21 Underworld @ Lowlands Festival
I was not at Lowlands myself this year but this review of their gig is very positive (and making me feel old). It's in dutch but if I have some spare time I might translate it. (until that time you can let google try it for you I guess ) In short the reviewer calls it "timeless techno" and feels that the tracks from the 90's fit better with today's style than more recent hits like TMO and Scribble. He's positive about the "big surprise"; "super-fast rave" of King of Snake (a track that he says you "rarely hear") and calls the performance something "between a live set and a dj set" since it's unclear to him what Rick and Darren are doing behind their desks. The light show was "sublime". Crowd is a combination of old ravers and kids who hadn't even been born when Born Slippy was released. Another nice bit: "The genius of Underworld's music lies in the subtle changes that unconsciously influence you enormously" which I think is a spot on observation! Interestingly, apparently they were playing at the "Heineken" (formerly Grolsch) stage rather than the main Alpha tent. Every time I've seen them before at Lowlands they were playing the Alpha tent. Any Dirts at this gig? Care to share your experiences?

Found a clip of Born Slippy Nuxx from this gig:
"I have always LOVED Underworld" - Sir Elton John

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