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Old 08-05-2010, 01:33 PM
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hello everyone! here's some fun for everybody: since i'm doing some graphics for certain website (ssshhhhh!) and these ones are quite time consuming, mostly because i rely in what i find in image searches and stock photography, mike came out with a fun idea and dirts are welcome to help us out.

it consists in this:

the image above is constructed with various images, filters, 3d, vectors and loads of delicious copypasta. it's a mosaic. to build more of these, we need loads of images. using stock photography isn't like using pictures taken for the purpose of creating a mosaic and this is where you come to play.

this way we're going to have unique mosaics, created by dirts, assembly provided by me

what i'm looking for:

-objects, plants, fruits, etc. clear and completely visible
-scketches, doodles, paint blobs, kid's drawings, etc
-body parts (not those haha): eyes, hands, etc
-3d objects
-well defined abstract images
-the sky is the limit

remember, well saturated colours and good definition is important. the artwork from scribble and barking can be used as guides.

questions? here please

finished mosaics will be posted.... in september (?)

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