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Default Who's your S T A R?

Before anyone says this should be in the world forum: No.

Anyway, they hinted at it in the first email, now they're straight up asking us to submit one.

I almost started this thread before. In a fever from the single, i made my own list, then went extra and tried to come up with a phrase for each. That's where i ran outta steam and let it die in the notes, but now's the moment to lay them out. At a time where we know too much about everyone, who/what's a role model? when's the last time we asked ourselves that? who's pinged your cultural awareness in a noteworthy way? why is tom cruise in the original?

i tried to follow the spirit of the lyrics: a mix of social activists, cultural presences, artistic inspirations/influences, news blip figures that stick out, philosophical leaders, and characters out of memory that bubble up as waypoints in our personal timelines.

Mika Vainio - founder of Pan Sonic

Jessa Crispin - author of "Why I'm Not A Feminist", on the de-fanging and assimilation of feminism, neutralizing it as a political weapon.

Miguel Indurain - Tour de France winner on my first trip back to France since i left for the US

Huey Newton - black socialist leader, assassinated at 28.

Lucky Luke - read/watched the hell out of these when i moved to the US as a way to bridge the gap.

Willem Spronsen - has done the most sensible option in directly attacking a modern concentration camp

Tim Curry - explains itself
Chris Ware - the sadman's author of prim and miserable graphic novels

Pia Klemp - prosecuted for rescuing boatloads of refugees. refused a medal

Iain Banks - scifi author of particularly tragic poignancy
Yoko Ono - badass, invulnerable, great.

Samuel Beckett
Lourdes Hunter
Harry Stanton
Jacques Brel
Werner Herzog

Kiese Laymon
Jane Goodall
Richard James
Billy Porter
Twisty Faster
Mick Foley

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Default Re: Who's your S T A R?

Jack Kirby - the artist and storyteller who co-created much of the Marvel universe, but who's rarely credited in the public
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Old 10-04-2019, 04:55 AM
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Default Re: Who's your S T A R?

Originally Posted by khouri View Post
Jack Kirby - the artist and storyteller who co-created much of the Marvel universe, but who's rarely credited in the public
Ive met him at my first ever comics convention waaay back in like 1985? He asked to see my drawings (I was 10 or 11) but i didnt have them with me. I spent the summer thinking I'd missed a chance to show him but now realize he was just being nice :P
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