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Old 05-06-2021, 12:55 AM
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'Peach Tree' (Different Version)
Hello everyone, new member here!

I've been an Underworld fan since early 90s without delving deep into their back catalogue. However recently I have restocking my collection with the Super Deluxe CDs then transferring any new 'old' tracks I hadnt previously heard onto my Astell & Kern MP3 player (unbelievable sound from these!) which has reignited my love for the band.

Yesterday while trawling YouTube I found the track 'Peach Tree' which I fell in love with right away! After locating a CD copy on the Japanese CD Single of 'Crocodile' I then discovered an even better version which the youtube uploader has called 'Peach Tree New'. This version is more 'dreamy' than the other & has a lovely guitar running through it. I Have looked everywhere for this track but cant find it on CD or as a download. After a bit of research it seems this track is from the ''2007-12-12 Underworld vs. The Misterons radio show''.

So my question is where can I get this from? Is there a download anywhere? Is there a full version anywhere of this version of Peach Tree? I Would like to pay for it rather than rip a poor quality version off youtube (my A&K player will rip it to shreds!) plus the youtube one ends rather abruptly on 9.57.

Lastly, does anyone have any idea why tracks like 'Peach Tree' arnt available to buy as downloads anywhere? I Mean this track is absolutely beautiful, there must be many other Underworld fans wanting to get hold of this and their many other tracks that have surfaced over the years but never had a full digital release. Maybe if they do a Super Deluxe issue of 'A Hundred Days Off' next year to mark 20 years they will be included on that as I believe much of the 'Riverrun' material was written around this period?

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, any help would be much appreciated!
Old 05-06-2021, 01:26 AM
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Re: 'Peach Tree' (Different Version)
Well, welcome to the forums then. Between 2004-2008, Underworld did a number of live radio show broadcasts, where they would often play unreleased tracks and live renditions and experiments of already-released tracks. None of these have really been made available for purchase anywhere, but fortunately, we have recordings of the shows. Most of them have been captured in their original broadcast format, usually low bitrate MP3 or AAC.

These can all be found to download via BitTorrent on the RTSR Tracker. Just register and your account should be approved within a couple days. Check out the "Radio Shows" category.

As for why tracks from the RiverRun era are not currently available to download? Well, the band are aware, but, for whatever reason, have chosen not to make them available. It's possible that they're all planned to come around again with a RiverRun super deluxe box set or maybe on an Oblivion with Bells box set. We're not sure yet though if that box set series is going to continue though.
Old 05-06-2021, 07:25 AM
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Re: 'Peach Tree' (Different Version)
wow, haven't heard this in ages. And it appears I've lost this one somehow. Anyone still have it that can upload to the tracker?
Old 05-06-2021, 08:18 AM
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Re: 'Peach Tree' (Different Version)
Thank you for the replies! I Have joined the RTSR Tracker site, just waiting for approval.
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