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Old 07-30-2020, 01:09 AM
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Re: RicksDubbedOutDriftExperience and DRIFT Series 1 Complete
Apologies if this is inappropriate- please delete if so... but seeing as some have said in here they have been getting extra bandcamp codes sent to them when buying the new set.
I had the original set- and wanted to get the high res audio which the set on bandcamp would offer- I had some issues with the download for the new Depeche Mode Violator 12" singles set (which have been sorted) and have been sent an extra download code (Not Bandcamp- but you do get the 16 bit WAV's)... just wondering if anyone has an unused bandcamp code for the set they would be up for a trade for my spare unused Mode code??

Drop me a PM if anyone is interested.
Cheers, Mark.
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