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Underworld signed items Charity auction
In January Rickey Ricketts a much loved and respected sound engineer passed. Rickey worked with many industry names, most recently as Orbitals front of house sound engineer. In February a benefit gig was thrown by members of Ricky's extended musical family and the proceeds went to his Daughters and towards research to help others survive the cancer that took him. These items were recently kindly signed and I am putting them up for auction to go towards this fund.
1. Underworld Promo CD BBWFASF signed by Rick, Karl and High Contrast (who co-produced). LINK TO AUCTION IS BELOW
2. Underworld Original Setlist from Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Show 13th Oct 2017 signed by Rick & Karl. LINK TO AUCTION IS BELOW

Thank you for bidding. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST on any media you can!
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Re: Underworld signed items Charity auction
This looks like different artwork to the retail release and yes I can see signatures for Karl, Rick and High Contrast. Rare, this one!

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Re: Underworld signed items Charity auction
Yeah, it's early temp artwork. You can see more on the back cover and disc:
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