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Unwarping Underworld Vocals
So there's several distorted vocal samples used throughout Dubnobass era songs that I've been trying to figure out lately. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the short comparison clips I've made, but I'll at least try to explain how they're distorted and what they are.

Dark and Long (Album and 1st Ruff):
There is a deep growl noise used throughout the song. Sped up by 275% in Audacity, this is actually Karl saying "You ok?".

The yelling that happens throughout the track. Pitch it up by about 30% and its someone yelling "Underworld are in the house".

There's this quiet scraping percussion sounding noise used as a loop throughout the track. Thanks to the disc 5 version on the Dubno Remaster, where it loops differently, I figured out its actually a pitched down loop of Karl saying "It's cold". This can be heard in the album and live rehearsal versions by pitching it back up.

Big Meat Show (DAT version, not Anthology):
More deep growls during the intro. The first is slowed down the most, then there are two more slowed down a bit less. The first needs to be sped up by around 275%, the second pair need to be sped up by about 150%. This is the "Nova, nebula" sample from Eclipse, though its used as "Nova-- Nova, nebula" here. Seems the song borrowed a bit more than just some percussion from Eclipse at one point.

Dark Train:
The "Garage, with loads of stuff" sample. Can be heard a bit clearer in Dark and Long Burts. It needs to be sped up or pitched up by about 25%.

I'm still attempting to figure out if anything can be done to salvage the cut up vocals in Spikee, still trying to figure out a decent way to understand the vocals in Most 'Ospitable.

If anyone remembers any other weird sounds that could be good to investigate or knows what any other distorted vocals are it'd be nice to document it.
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