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Re: 12-Aug-09 The Metropolis, Montreal, Canada
I personally thought that rez/cowgirl was actually after the bamboo/lenne penne song... don't remember exactly though
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[OT] Re: 12-Aug-09 The Metropolis, Montreal, Canada
Originally Posted by bas_I_am View Post
Dude. . . Isn't this your first date with some "half your age +7" hottie?

You better not screw this up! you're gonna give us +40's a bad rep.


(living vicariously through the exploits of 1)

But i did want to say this..


i did go to the toronto concert with her,
and she was totally amazed by the band!!!!

granted, she's turning into a really good friend now,
and we did have a lot of quality time... and yeah,
i'm invited up again for more 'fun'..

but SERIOUSLY, i know she's got a long list of people
in line for her, and she's not looking for anything serious
(neither am i)'s all GOOD FUN! that's my expectation,
and she was very cool in showing me around Toronto,
and talking to me..

let's chalk it up as a win, good experience, and having
a new friend i can hang with...despite our age gap,
and other differences..

the only thing now, is that things are REALLY heating
up back home where i live with another girl (23), and
this one might actually be a relationship! (like i even
know what qualifies)??

check out the noise/2 - positive 1 thread

be seeing you
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