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aka 1MC
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1MC-101 This is... Insectorama
This is... Insectorama

Insectorama is a non-commercial netlabel of electronic music, created with the idea to promote new artists of electronic music.
Especially new artists from Leipzig but also new artists from all over the world. Because what counts is the variety of the different electronic sounds worldwide.
And we need this good music!
It is based in Leipzig and was founded by Markus Masuhr in October 2006.
Yes, they are still alive.

Download/listen Here

Insectorama on Bandcamp

1MC on Facebook

1MC on Apple Podcast

Enjoy !

Artist - Track

1. Audiofemm - Philosophical Review
2. Horizontal - Position
3. Faktor.Ost - Lager
4. Rene Hamel - Unnamed
5. Roberto Figus - Azure (Zzzzra_rmx)
6. Funkatron - Blimm
7. Atabey - Nizao [Ungar Remix]
8. Kreative Zukunft - Die Linke Seite Des Gluecks [Liquid Level remix]
9. Bactee & Tito - Mlt Mix
10. Alter - Strass
11. Atabey - Nizao [Substak Remix]
12. Alex Biron - Sara
13. Bitter-Suss - Mourning
14. Faktor.Ost - Vortrieb
15. l_io - Alvorada
16. Atabey - Tireo [Markus Masuhr Dubedit]
17. Faktor.Ost - Rohgut [Georg Bigalke remix]
18. Asedub - Monotone [Joensson Toll_Remix]

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