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Old 10-29-2023, 12:58 PM
aka 1MC
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1MC-91 Dream(ing)

Is this real or am I dreaming?
I guess this question comes to all of us?

Well, I?m not sure this time? Try to make themed podcasts seems to work for me
So why stop here?

As a dream this podcast has different phases? So listen? and Dream with me?

Listen/ Download --> here

Enjoy !!!

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Artist - Track - Release

​​1. Cousin Silas - Strange Dreams - Bfwrecordings
2. Bing Satellites - The Dream - Bfwrecordings
3. Jaymuhsin - Dreaming - Energostatic
4. Micronoises - A Dream within a Dream - Brusionetlabel
5. Radarfilm - Dreaming (Radarfilm's Lucid Dream Rmx) - Fantomton
6. Vizuary - Dream House - Deep X Recordings
7. Sensoreal - Alberts Last Dream - Sologroove
8. Convertel - Dream - Deep X Recordings
9. Krzho - Dreamless - Clear Cut Records
10. Menes - The Dream of a Burning Boy - Micromusic

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