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Old 01-25-2011, 03:04 AM
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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by human151
I am not saying that all muslim people are bad, but I am going to assume that the majority of Muslims are very religious and their religion dictates their lifestyle.
Bit of a lopsided statement.
The possibility that 'the majority of Muslims are very religious' doesn't make them bad.
The possibility that 'religion dictates their lifestyle' also doesn't make them bad.

Originally Posted by human151
How can a devout muslim still practice their religion, which is their right, and still assimilate to the larger culture?
Answer is, that they can't.
1) Yes they can. And plenty do.
2) Why should anyone have to "assimilate to the larger culture"? Integrate with society, yes. Become a law-abiding part of society, yes. Assimilate with a certain culture? No. As long as it's law-abiding. If anyone told me I had to assimilate to the larger culture, I'd tell them where to go!

Originally Posted by human151
even if its only 10%, that is still millions of muslims who have extreme views.
...and 90% who don't.

Originally Posted by human151
Of those millions who do hold these extreme views, not all are violent, but enough are.
...enough to warrant the kind of generalizations you've been making in this thread? If 90% of Muslims don't have extreme views, is that enough to counter your remarks that Muslims are incompatible with western countries?

Originally Posted by human151
WHich other religion actually commands people not to accept certain people as their friends and kill for the cause?
You should take a look at Deuteronomy some time.

The fact that religious texts contain bloodthirsty calls to arms doesn't mean that adherents to that religion can't still identify themselves as belonging to that religion while also ignoring or otherwise interpreting those parts.

The fact that the Qur'an is arguably even more bloodthirsty and violent than the Hebrew Bible or the New Testament doesn't make it a black and white case of "Jews and Christians CAPABLE of selective interpretation, Muslims INCAPABLE". You need to go careful not to sink into that tribal mindset and lose sight of the likelihood that the majority of all three religions are not violent fundamentalists, and while there may currently be more Muslim fundmentalists than Christian/Jewish (for reasons which, I would maintain, go beyond the mere issue of what's in the Qur'an), that doesn't make it right or fair or accurate to start seeing the world through the lens of "Muslim vs non-Muslim".

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