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Old 04-23-2008, 01:59 PM
never to part this sky
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Hello all~ my name is Monique and I tried to sign up here several times, but all of those times didn't work. Until now, that is. I'm still a high school student about to become a senior next year...holy mackerel. I turn 18 in December, so no voting for me in November! My huge goal in life is to make comic books and be happy. Pretty much.

I've been a huge huge HUGE fan of Underworld since watching the music video for "Two Months Off" in...either 2004 or 2005 and I got incredibly addicted to their music when I downloaded their discography in September 2005 in addition to getting 1992-2002.

I listened to nothing but Underworld for months after that.

I have yet to see them live. Hopefully that August date in New Jersey will be my first time. :>

This year I finally got my hands on Second Toughest In The Infants and Beaucoup Fish, which is super exciting to me. I don't have dubnobasswithmyheadman, but SOMEDAY I WILL GET IT. The Oblivion With Bells t-shirt is my first UW tshirt. So I try to wear it on good days.

I've listened to a few live broadcasts that weren't interrupted by school. (Too bad the upcoming broadcasts will be interrupted by school except for the June date. That one is what I'm grateful for.) Lemonworld 2005 killed me with happiness. Cocoon did the same thing.

Underworld is definitely my favorite band ever due to how different they are as well as how they experiment with their sounds and put it together into some sort of masterpiece. My favorite song of their's is "Best Mamgu Ever", since that song made me so emotional when I heard it the first time. Back when I had gotten pnemonia...before I went to the hospital and missed all those Roundhouse broadcasts. (Coming back from the hospital on the 17th and hearing that there was an illness in the band almost made me cry..!! Especially hearing it was pnemonia as well!)

Uh. I write too much, forgive me. I love going on and on about Underworld. And writing things into detail to get the point across, haha.

It's super nice to meet you all finally after lurking for more than a year.

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