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Default Re: Beaucoup Fish - 4 CD Remastered Deluxe Box Set (8/25/2017)

Finally received my super deluxe box! Mini reviews below.

Disc 1: The album proper

Nice polish. Everything sounds great, except now the end of Bruce Lee bleeds into the start of Kittens. Alas. Bruce Lee and Push Downstairs remain the shit tracks even all these years later. The day I heard Please Help Me, I knew it should have been on the album instead of Push Downstairs and I feel the same way today. PD is a dodgy dub remix of another track on the same album; no business being there. Please Help Me is a top track, one of their best of this era. Bruce Lee, eh, there's so much great stuff on the record you can forgive it but it's aged badly and it sounded weird even then. A galant effort I suppose.

Disc 2: Unreleased.

Love this disc. Alternate takes, unfinished songs. This is what being an Underworld obsessive is all about. You can almost hear an alternate version of the album with this. Wish there was more.

1. Nifter: cool.
2. Bruce Lee (Rick's 1st Dobro Mix): What does dobro/dobrobet mean? Anyway, this is more interesting than the final mix. Is that a bit of Kippers sneaking in?
3. UW Orange Bed: Interesting; seems Pens and Something Like A Mama were born out of this track.
4. Skym: Cool.
5. Jumbo demo: at last, the source of the "steel under her" lyric! I always wondered if it was a live development or something cut from the original draft, as it were.
6. Push Upstairs: Neat demo version, nice to hear the origin of some of the elements that we've heard in live performances. Between this, the Jumbo demo and Orange Bed, you can start to imagine a version of Beaucoup Fish that was a bit livelier and bouncier than the darker, more banging final product.
7. King of Snake Garage Mix: Sounds like old Daft Punk.
8. Something Like A Mama Alt Mix: Might prefer this to the album version, which I always thought was just a biiiiit boring? I like all the samples and other instruments in this version.
9. Please Help Me: an old favorite.
10. Yeah Plan: Cool. Sounds more like Second Toughest to me.
11. Ramajama: I think some of this went on to become Two Months Off.

Disc 3: Remixes 1

1. Cups (Salt Lake City Orchestra): Always loved this version. Easily the best Underworld remix by another artist.
2. Jumbo (Jedi's Sugar Hit Mix): Shit.
3. Jumbo (Futureshock Vocal Mix): Shit.
4. Push Upstairs (Darren Price Remix): Eh.
5. King of Snake (Slam Remix): Shit.
6. King of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix): This is cool, he's having fun with it.
7. King of Snake (Dave Clarke Remix): Unbelievably shit.
8. Bruce Lee (Micronauts Remix): Shit.
9. Bruce Lee (Buffalo Daughter): Some cool bits.

Disc 4: Remixes 2

1. Bruce Lee (DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Vocal Mix): Shit.
2. Bruce Lee (DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Instrumental): Better.
3. Bruce Lee (Futureshock Remix): Shit.
4. King of Snake (Claudio Coccoluto Remix): Shit.
5. King of Snake (Martinez Mix): Shit.
6. King of Snake (Dave Angel Remix): Incredibly shit.
7. Jumbo (Rob Rives & Francois Kevorkian Dub): Absolute shit.
8. Push Upstairs (Roger S Narcotic Haze Dub): A shit Daft Punk remix.
9. Push Upstairs (Adam Beyer Rmx 2): Shit.
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Old 09-12-2017, 08:32 AM
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Default Re: Beaucoup Fish - 4 CD Remastered Deluxe Box Set (8/25/2017)

^ Ha! Funny reviews of the remixes.

Originally Posted by khouri View Post
6. King of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix): This is cool, he's having fun with it.
Yes! I agree. Big fun.
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