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Mick Fish - Industrial Evolution Through the 80s with Cabaret Voltaire
Mick Fish - Industrial Evolution Through the 80s with Cabaret Voltaire

Just finished this one. Its a weird book in that it doesnt just document Cabaret Voltaire's rocky ride thru the 80s but also the authors relationship with the band and his personal struggle. Still, its a great insight into the workings of the band and of the Sheffield scene in the early 80s. The book also descibes the authors struggle to get his first book on Cabaret Voltaire in the 80s into print (The Art Of The Sixth Sense - full transcripts included with this book). Not your average music bio. If you were ever into Throbbing Gristle / Cabaret Voltaire / Psykick TV / Clock DVA / Coil / Chris&Cosy and/or the general music scene of Sheffield (Human League / Heaven 17 / ABC / Clock DVA) then this book will be a great purchase. It starts with one of Throbbing Gristle's first gigs in 1978 and ends with Cabaret Voltaire (with support from Orbital) playing one of their last gigs in 1991.
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