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Old 11-26-2008, 01:46 AM
the fuckest upest
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
The truth, as ever, is subjective
Old 11-26-2008, 10:34 AM
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Tom, what exactly are you trying to do? Nice way to greet a new member. Dork.
"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution" - Emma Goldman
Old 02-28-2009, 04:19 PM
Big Time
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Oooook ... well at first i was really happy i saw this thread and realised i had never really introduced myself..... then i read on and the posts by Wubwubwubwubwhatever (STFU)
sorta put a negative buzz on the place... so i had to decide whether i wanted to expose myself to this..

so ive decided to try and freshen up the start....fresh breath.... BRAND NEW DAY! name is Dave

I am studying The History of Art and Architecture with French in Dublin and am mad for the photography and music production. I am currently on a year off books (*ahem*finding myself*ahem*) and living in Paris. I am always making music and am unimaginably influenced and encouraged by the constant development and ingenuity of Underworld.

I started listening to underworld proper in about 2003, a bit late for me considering i had really started listening to dance music back when "Experience" was on tape and i would nab it from my brothers room and enjoy the funny voices and the madness..was like a sonic playground for me... anyway skip to a Prodigy gig in the 00's and having my first proper rebirth of the soul through the medium of dance...i came home from that completely changed and in need of a real live dance performance... It had to be live and it had to be proper hard dance... i asked my brother and he handed me the brand new Trionisphere Live" by Kerri Chandler....and "Everything Everything"

Now i knew of Underworld and had listened to them once or twice...but Everything Everything changed well...everything.. and i listened to it, and it alone (no did not leave my disc man) for maybe 16months... it recaptured exactly the huge emotion and power that i had felt at that prodigy gig...i had not much time for buying cd's as i was in a big exam year and it represented an escape for me...i could close my eyes and see myself in the crowd dancing and seeing the got me through that rough patch...

i bought the albums soon after and have been gettin anything i can get my hands on ever since....

Best live experience must be Electric Picnic last year when the happiness was indescribable and seeing them just losing themselves onstage like i had never before...every moment of it was unforgettable..

Best personal experience is more personal through the medium of the computer...and that was when Karl (actually) answered (!!! not just a "yes" haha) on their october radio show last year.... though he did slag me on my grammar... That was when it really hit me that they were really the most connected with their fans in the whole music world...

Fav song...ehm either Jumbo, Trim or Spoonman...though like i said..its the live element that is forever my favourite..and if its done well i listen to it a lot....luckily Underworld are master performers!

I am really happy to spend time here, and chuffed whenever i get any sort of response to anything...a lot of really cool people, a LOT of really great music too, and their is a real solid community of happiness and love...

i dig it...and will do for a while i think...

thankyou for having me!

hope the air is a little fresher now
Old 08-12-2009, 10:32 AM
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
hello everyone!

i've been lurking this forum since... um, forever (that's a lie, probably since two years ago) and, since i'm working now and it gets a little bit boring sometime to time, i decided to finally create an account here.

i've been a fan since '96, pearl's girl did the trick for me. underworld is my other fav band besides radiohead. since i live at the end of the world, getting UW records, besides OSTs, is extremely difficult. i think my first UW cd was pearl's girl EP, a gift made by my father, who, for my good fortune, travels a lot. i was hooked since then. for now, i'm collecting old releases, my last purchase was spikee/dogman go woof 12", which i'm still waiting to arrive.

i've only seen them live once - which was a crazy surprise cos i remember opening the newspaper and seeing a photo of k+r on it, i rushed to get a VIP ticket and arrived 4hours early to the gig. i was in rail and i've recorded in my mind the whole thing. it was freaking amazing. even if it was a little bit short, i was with a HUGE smile plastered on my face.

other than that, i work (as a designer), eat, sleep and have fun like normal people do :P i also collect records and have a soft spot for vodka, thing i had to leave because some stupid dietary sickness i developed last year when i was living in canada. i also speak spanish and french. that's it.
Old 08-12-2009, 11:49 PM
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
I don't think I need any introduction.


Old 10-06-2009, 03:54 PM
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Hi is Ray and prefer to be called Sir Max Power. Really enjoy everybody's comments/reviews and just all the stuff on this forum......except for that guy who rambled on about uw only having one good album (underneath the radar) and everything since has just been done on a laptop....anyway all except that guy.

I was talking to myself but I wasn't listening
Old 10-30-2009, 01:47 AM
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
I'm Viv. Saw goldfish on wednesday and asked where the hell dirty had gone and he pointed me to dark train. I've been gone a long time.
Old 10-30-2009, 02:21 AM
old man einstein
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Originally Posted by viv View Post
I'm Viv. Saw goldfish on wednesday and asked where the hell dirty had gone and he pointed me to dark train. I've been gone a long time.
You haven't missed much Viv
Old 10-30-2009, 02:40 AM
slogging it out
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Originally Posted by viv View Post
I'm Viv. Saw goldfish on wednesday and asked where the hell dirty had gone and he pointed me to dark train. I've been gone a long time.
Old 12-17-2009, 10:27 PM
unwound floors
power before passion.
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Re: Introduce Yourselves
Hi all,

I'm Miki. Eighteen, female, Japanese-Australian, dwelling in the wonderful city of Melbourne. Unlike many of you, I only got into Underworld a few months ago, despite being an electronic music fan since the age of fifteen! Woke up in a friend's bed after a drunken night out as he was playing 'Dirty Epic', was intrigued, fell asleep again, went home and Googled "I get my kicks on channel six", fell in love from there. Despite the short amount of time I've been aware of them, I'm still willing to put them up there in my favourite bands (along with artists like Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Portishead, Tricky, UNKLE, etc). I've found that there ain't nothing better than a long train trip home in the dead of night with Hyde and Smith's grooves to keep you company. As someone who considers herself a writer I am particularly intrigued by Hyde's lyrics - fragmented, poetic, beautiful even in their darkest moments. Favourite songs? 'Dirty Epic', 'Stagger', 'Dark Train', 'Banstyle/Sappys Curry', 'Moaner' and of course, 'Born Slippy.Nuxx'. Desperately hanging out for the opportunity to hear some of these live in Melbourne, one day!

I start uni next year. In the meantime I'm working and enjoying hobbies such as photography (my Canonet QL17 is my best friend), writing poetry and short stories, reading, painting, chainsmoking, listening to music, going out with good people, and getting lost in the suburbs and city of Melbourne.

You may be hearing more from me, soon, as Iconastasia on DirtyRadio - currently in the process of chucking together a demo show for them. Pleasure meeting you all - I look forward to indulging this newfound obsession with everybody here!

(PS: I may or may not have a teeny-tiny crush on Karl Hyde.)

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