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Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 4 - Brussels
Originally Posted by potatobroth View Post
So does this mean there’s no real plan regarding which tracks are in each release? I’d just assumed that they had a month or two backlogged ready for release while they worked on upcoming episodes.
I'd guess that is what Karl wrote when he first heard the piece, or a feeling of that time.

Drift is, to my mind, in part, an experimental marketing piece

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Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 4 - Brussels
i didnt mean as a criticism, more of a 'huh!"

i figured each 'episode' had a plan of 4-6 tracks. and that there was some mixing theme rick had in mind. but seeing as how Brussels wasn't even in play until the release date, that means Rick's final mix of E2 isn't in play yet either.

total drift.
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Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 4 - Brussels
This track has some of the most potential as a single, IMHO.

Little bit of reworking on length/development. The drums are just amazing.
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