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Troy McClure
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Re: Barbara Barbara interviews posted a video interview with Rick and Karl talking about making the album. Two different video clips from the studio.

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Re: Barbara Barbara interviews
That Spin article is really interesting. Puts a new light on a lot of the 00's work and Barking.

I still really like the OWB era (including Riverrun and the live shows at that time) as well as AHDO which to me feels like a new start... but I have never enjoyed Barking as it didn't feel right... perhaps that was a product of the strain they were feeling.. it just eventually met its inevitable end point and something had to give.

Ultimately though it is great that they have found a new starting point once again.

Further to that actually. Was just thinking about that comment on how they felt a pressure to be "Underworld" once the success of BS Nuxx had set in.

That pressure and that expectation is essentially the backbone of this whole community we are part of. Arguably the popularity of forums like this are because of the success they achieved through that period from 96-99 culminating in EE. While obviously everyone here has a deep appreciation for all of the groundbreaking work they did in the early 90s it was the success of BS the propelled their contribution to the forefront of the musical world.

Without which many of us may never have become aware of their music and much of their later work may never have existed.

It is also important to highlight the contribution and importance of Tomato to all of this... in many ways Tomato has always felt like the anchor that allowed Underworld to pull back from the mainstream even after they had been at the heart of it all... Tomato gave them a purpose that perpetually was beyond the mainstream and much less in danger of falling in... so when in doubt they could just fall back into that space which kept them grounded.
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Re: Barbara Barbara interviews
Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post posted a video interview with Rick and Karl talking about making the album. Two different video clips from the studio.

The two videos:

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Re: Barbara Barbara interviews
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
The two videos:
I think this is actually an EPK created by Underworld. It's on their VEVO channel too (in 1080p):
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Re: SPIN Interview with Karl
Originally Posted by TheBang View Post
Another in-depth interview at Consequence of Sound:
"When we’re out doing Coachella, we’ve got time, so we’ve decided today, actually, we’re going to take recording gear and go on an American road trip. It’s the first time we’ve ever done this. We’re going to write on the road. For me, writing in diners and motels, that’s paradise."

This has me cheering on the inside, for a couple reasons beyond just more new material:
1. The current political climate in the US could prove to be an interesting source of chatter for Karl to observe.
2. One of my favorite albums of all time, REM's New Adventures in Hi-Fi was also created on tour. I've always felt a strange kinship between these bands, for whatever reason (probably just being a 17 year old when I really got into both), but a chance of that immaterial "road vibe" coloring future underworld tunes is exciting!
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Re: Barbara Barbara interviews
Necrobump time! Found this:

(google translate)
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